Family Legacies was founded by Trevor Dickinson, who after a 30-year career with 110-year old family business, developed the passion to help family businesses resolve the critical issues of keeping the family and the business successful and leave a legacy for future generations. 

"I come from a family business, having spent most of my career working in the business and over the past decade as CEO of our four generation global furnace and industrial services business, which was founded by my great-grandfather in 1910." says Trevor.  

Trevor's vast international business experience and life-long learning has a wealth of knowledge and insight into the many of the critical issues and challenges associated with working in as well as leading a family business.  

"Keeping a family business alive is perhaps the toughest management job on earth" John L. Ward, Ph.D. Keeping The Family Business Healthy     

Family Legacies attests to the belief that a family business is "successful" when:  

  • Both generations feel that the younger generation has made significant contributions to the business.  

  • They either passed the baton or made a good decision to sell the business, in which case they worked together to maximize value.  

  • The process of getting there was personally rewarding to them, individually as well as collectively.  

  • There were no serious personal casualties along the way.  


When Trevor transitioned in his family business from CEO to Chairman, it afforded him the opportunity to develop his passion and to impart the family's institutional memory and knowledge of leading a family-owned business to other family businesses. 

What business-owning families do - or do not do - today

will have echoes down through time, for generations to come.