Andrew is a commercially orientated finance professional with 24 years’ business experience across a wide range of support functions, 18 years of which was as a CFO. Most of his experience has been at a strategic level, in companies with complex business environments who have experienced rapid growth. He has done business in several countries and has sat on both listed and unlisted boards, in SA as well as in Africa.

Andrew specialises in supporting organisations to grow their businesses through Greenfield, Partnerships or Acquisitive growth strategies. This support covers the entire end-to-end process from strategy through to implementation. Andrew has 20 years’ experience in commercial pricing and value propositions to clients; assessing business models and capital projects; listings; capital and debt raising and M&A.

Andrew was the Finance Director of SBV for 12 years. SBV is a Cash in Transit and Cash Processing company owned by the big 4 South African banks and Prosegur, the third biggest security company in the world, which is listed on the Madrid stock exchange. SBV has a turnover of $200m, 800 armoured vehicles, 40 cash centres, 6,600 employees and operates in 4 African countries. Andrew was responsible for the full financial function and financial strategy and played a key role in driving the overall business strategy, commercial aspects of SBV including pricing, M&A, tendering, and advancing SBV’s diversification strategy into new products and geographies.

He is a Chartered Accountant with a H Dip Tax and Industrial Engineering Diploma and has all round operational and business knowledge, having been responsible for several functions over the years including Legal, Commercial, Africa Expansion and IT. He has worked in the sport, retail, manufacturing, and logistics industries and has sat on a number boards of both listed and unlisted companies, a Nigerian Board as well as a Non-Profit Board.

Some of his notable achievements are:

  • He headed the team that bid for the outsource of Barclays and Standard Bank cash centre infrastructure and volumes with values of $200m and $650m respectively.

  • He has successfully raised more than a $70m equity and debt for SBV and has been involved in three listings.

  • He headed and supported SBV’s diversification strategy in Africa during which time SBV started two Greenfield operations in Namibia and Lesotho; acquired two companies in Nigeria and Lesotho; and secured a CIT license in Dubai.

  • Has been involved as lead or support in numerous acquisitions and sales of companies over the years.

Prior to SBV, Andrew spent one year at Lewis Stores helping them with their listing on the JSE Securities Exchange. Before that he was the CFO of SAIL, a listed sporting company where he was involved in the purchase and sale of close to 20 companies, SAIL’s listing on two different Exchanges and was responsible for the financial function and support services for the SAIL group.