Three Decades of Experience, at your service

As a fourth-generation member of a family business, I understand, perhaps more than most, the challenges faced by business families during periods of transition or conflict.

And it breaks my heart when I see it happen, which is why I founded Family Legacies in 2020, after a 30-year career with our 110-year-old family business. I have developed a passion to help family businesses resolve the critical issues of keeping the family and the business successful and leaving a legacy for future generations.

As a neutral but empathetic advisor consultant, my role is to work systematically in that challenging space between business, family, and ownership systems, identifying and resolving tensions as well as supporting and enabling the business and personal aspirations of the owners.

Seen it with my own eyes

I’ve often had to prevent or resolve conflict. Seeing how threatening conflicts can be to relationships and to the business, and having to resolve them, I gained a unique perspective on the habitual patterns that exist, and how to shift or change them.

Because these aspects are so specific to family business conflicts, no matter which members are involved and no matter what kinds of issues are at stake (i.e., succession, inheritance, management, growth, power, role definitions, etc.), family conflicts are never linear.

The simplest models of conflict resolution assume that people are fighting about what they say they are fighting about. This may often be true to disputes between strangers who happen to transgress one’s rights or threaten one another’s interests, but in my experience working with family business owners, this is rarely the case between family members.

A successful business should be successful because of the business family, not despite it.

My advanced training as a family business advisor, executive coach, and certified civil and commercial mediator, as well as my personal experience, enables me to work collaboratively with business families, and their trusted professional advisors, in response to either a crisis situation or as part of a planned transition programme.

With thirty years experience, coupled with my roles as CEO & Founder of Family Legacies, Chairman of Dickinson Group of Companies, member of Institute of Directors, Family Firm Institute, Exit Planning Institute, Institute of Advisors, Family Business Australia, International Meditation Institute certified mediator, together with my postgraduate, executive and certificate programmes, I bring a combination of theory and practice, empathy and experience to your needs.

Of course, those accolades are only as useful as the actual results your family can obtain from engaging my services – and I can assure you that the results are significant.

If your family has had enough of strife, warring, and conflict, and you feel now is the time to create change and improvements, I’m here to help and put my 30 years of experience behind your efforts.

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