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Family-owned businesses face the same challenges as other businesses when it comes to dealing with conflict, but there is a quintessential difference. In a family business, relationships are at stake, and even straightforward commercial issues can be complicated by how people feel unresolved misunderstandings, or issues triggered by events going back years.

Family Legacies offers Commercial & Family Business Mediation Services as an effective alternative to litigation that usually gets disputes settled swiftly. Mediation is a highly interactive process geared to help the various sides better communicate and think through the possibilities so they can arrive at a viable solution.


At Family Legacies, we are committed to helping clients find effective and constructive solutions to their conflicts through our commercial and family business mediation services. Our team of experienced and skilled mediators can help clients navigate complex disputes and find solutions that work for everyone involved.

Here are some of the key benefits of our services:

  • Cost-Effective: Litigation and arbitration can be incredibly expensive, not just in terms of monetary costs but also in terms of time and resources. Mediation is generally a more cost-effective option, as it typically involves fewer legal fees and takes less time to reach a resolution.

  • Time-Saving: Litigation and arbitration can take months or even years to reach a resolution, which can be incredibly frustrating for the parties involved. Mediation is typically a much quicker process, as it allows parties to work together to reach a mutually acceptable solution in a matter of weeks or months.

  • Confidentiality: Mediation is a confidential process, which means that parties can be more open and honest in their discussions without fear of repercussions or public disclosure. This can be particularly important for family businesses, where maintaining confidentiality and privacy is often a high priority.

  • Preserves Relationships: Unlike litigation or arbitration, which can be adversarial and can damage relationships, mediation is a collaborative process that focuses on finding mutually acceptable solutions. This can help preserve relationships between family members or business partners, which can be particularly important in the context of family businesses.

  • Flexibility: Mediation allows parties to be more creative and flexible in their solutions, which can be particularly important in the context of family businesses. Mediation can help parties find solutions that meet their unique needs and interests, rather than being bound by strict legal requirements.

Our team of skilled commercial mediators can facilitate productive discussions between stakeholders, identify common interests, and find mutually acceptable solutions to commercial disputes.

Our services include:

  • Contract disputes

  • Partnership disputes

  • Shareholder disputes

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Employment disputes

  • Insurance claims

  • Banking and finance disputes

We understand that disputes within a family business can be particularly complex due to the close relationships involved. Our family mediators specialize in navigating these intricate dynamics to help families find mutually beneficial solutions.

Our services include:

  • Succession planning

  • Estate planning

  • Family member compensation

  • Disputes over roles and responsibilities

  • Disputes over business strategy

  • Disputes over business governance

  • The conflict between family and non-family employees

Our experienced mediators can represent your family business in mediation proceedings, ensuring that your interests are protected and that the outcome is fair and equitable.

The mediation process can be designed around the family and be as flexible and informal as desired. Discussions can be spread over a couple of sessions to give people time to reflect on what they have heard and how they now feel. Family Legacies recommends intervening early when issues start flaring up. A mediator can clear the air, stop conversations descending into the usual family arguments, and knock heads together. If you intervene early enough, you also have a much better chance of repairing a relationship and getting it back on track.

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