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“A message may not be heard without the right messenger – you were the right messenger.”


“Silence is not positive or golden - You were able to fleece out discussion in an all inclusive forum. You made the need to speak out better known.”

Founder & CEO of 2nd Generation Family-business 

"It certainly was a pleasure working with you, one aspect that struck me and appreciated, was your personal concern for a successful conclusion. I would like to thank you for your very professional approach, and guidance. On a personal note, it was a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed your company and enthusiasm for life." 

Founder of 2nd Generation Family-business 

“Family businesses are to be admired as entrepreneurial enterprises. Sadly, they tend to be complex entities to manage and lead, due to the intimacy of the immediate family of the pioneer, the sociology of the expanded family, bequests and the distribution of wealth to next of kin. All too often conflict and relational intrigue manifest, causing serious damage to both the business and the family members involved.


The need for a dedicated business advisory and consulting practice is long overdue. This professional service is presented by Trevor Dickinson, a member of a highly successful family industrial business operating throughout Africa and abroad. Trevor is currently the CEO of the Dickinson Group of Companies, with an impressive personal profile relevant to the provision of this vital consulting service to family businesses.


For many years I have had the privilege of coaching and counselling Trevor in his quest to establish this consulting practice. His research and studies into the psychology of the subject and its dynamic challenges are singularly unique, ready to be employed by any family business wishing to flourish despite its inherent challenges. Trevor Dickinson is academically and professionally outstandingly equipped to provide this service as a pioneer within this dynamic domain, desperately in need of such facilitation.”

Prof. Johann Coetzee,

an industrial and consulting psychologist

who has to date counselled more than 27 000 managers, inspiring them to stay positive.

“Facilitated by strong vision and strategic thinking, Trevor Dickinson has serious insight and expertise to offer and add to your family business. He has an incredible personal service ethic and a deeply integrated perspective on business dynamics, employee dynamics and client factors, and will support you in translating these into actionable focus areas. Trevor has an energising practical commitment to vision, strategy and profitable business. Importantly he also combines and integrates an astute understanding of family business realities and dynamics with an exceptional regard for employee potential and contribution in business. His high-level emotional intelligence and commitment to client needs and aspirations, plus over 30 years’ experience in a family business, will boost your competitive advantage.”

Darrel Blake,

Executive Leadership Coach, Client Service, HR, Change & Life Skills

Darrel has coached over 10 000 individual managers, executives and specialist staff in the past 30 years in gold,

diamonds and platinum mining, banking, helicopter aviation, retailing, municipalities, medical services, financial services and steel manufacturing. Has also conducted staff recruitment for selected companies.

“If you need to boost or stabilise business revenue, client acquisition and client loyalty, Trevor Dickinson has vision and strategic thinking skill that will mobilise, empower and inspire you to review action and focus in these vital areas, reinforced by emotional intelligence, strong accountability and commitment to overall excellence in the context of a family business.”

“Whether you have family business problems or opportunities, Trevor Dickinson has unusual insight and deeply balanced understanding of vision, strategy, business essentials and dynamics, supported by wide ranging appreciation of stakeholder behaviour, client needs and realities, and the need to make business a profitable venture, despite obstacles.”

“Trevor Dickinson has high level persistent drive and energy fuelled by a deep and skilled understanding of family and business dynamics, client loyalty drivers and human employee factors - all propelled and enhanced by applied vision and strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, underpinned by grounded business skill and insight.”

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