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Ahmed is a renowned author, mentor, keynote speaker having spent years cultivating his knowledge and experiences into holistic solutions, empowering many entrepreneurs globally. His work nationally and internationally has earned him a spectacular reputation based on successful results.

His vast personal expertise in the dynamics of family-owned businesses and academics. He currently holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree exploring the same topic above, encouraging him to author two well-known books. The first is Profits Progeny Politics on the challenges and how to overcome challenges in Family-Owned Businesses (2017) and his recent follow-up edition called The Dynamics of Succession in Family-Owned Businesses (2019), and a research paper on Needs of Multi-Generational Family Businesses: Pilot Study sub-theme Family and Business Governance

Growing up, Ahmed belonged to a family business and noticed the dynamics of both success and failure. He also noticed many avoidable trends that affect successful businesses, pushing them toward a downward spiral. Raised from humble beginnings, his first attempt at tertiary education was cut short when he had to join the family business M C Seedat Bros in Grey Street, Durban. He later moved onto textiles when this business was sold in 2004, owing to family dynamics and other personal elements.

Ahmed observed that a tsunami of corporate and multinational business had placed family-owned entities in an invidious position of “adapt or die” scenario over the years. However, understanding that technological advancements are changing the landscape globally for all business types, small or large, it is challenging to observe family-owned businesses suffer under the strain of such changes, with no assistance to level the playing field. Vector Consulting, therefore, invested in unearthing trends through its investigation into what does and does not work, revealing several methodologies that alleviate a magnitude of problems, influencing growth and development.

In doing so, Ahmed resolved to tackle this mammoth issue by delivering workshops, seminars, conferences, publishing practical workbooks, business breakfast sessions, and conducting interviews on various media platforms.

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