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With a university degree in Economics and Psychology, Darrel initially enjoyed diverse experience in the mining industry - this involved the full range of human resource services over a period of 12 years. He diversified thereafter by enjoying meaningful employment in the retail clothing industry where he held HR, leadership development and client service culture roles. Darrel's final full time employer role was in the financial services industry, where he delivered training and development services and was the very passionate custodian of a client values and client service journey in the business banking sector. In the past 15 years he has been self-employed in leadership coaching and facilitation, life-skills coaching, as well as client service upskilling in diverse industries; including mining, industrial companies, medical care, financial broker services and aviation.


As an executive and family business coach, Darrel is truly passionate about boosting client commitment to self-development and growth through listening and quality of attention skills, and numerous other skills, including thinking differently. He has coached in excess of 10 000 leaders at all levels from supervisor to executive level, and places great emphasis on practicality and implementation skill of the individuals being coached. He is deeply dedicated to service and serving clients, and this will be explored and embraced in sharing and demonstrating how the leaders service ethic enriches all roles in a business, and hence its sustainability and profitability.

Darrel’s family coaching provides coachees with the necessary skills and competencies that build leadership capacity and commitment at any level. Specifically, included would be the building of learning intelligence (the desire to learn and grow), planning and monitoring skills, accountability and execution, client service skills delivery, delegation, emotional Intelligence awareness and upskilling, and the role of influence in leadership effectiveness. The mutual agreement around what skills need to be developed will be determined in an interactive and participative way, and in alignment with your family business vision, accountability awareness and client delivery objectives. The assessment of leadership potential of specific existing leaders and supervisors, plus other talented staff will also be available as part of the value offering to your company.

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