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Debbie is an independent professional coach and facilitator working with individuals, groups and teams. She has been practicing as a Professional Coach for 13 years and has experience in the financial, education, technology, marketing and motor vehicle industries. Debbie’s passion lies in helping individuals and teams understand their patterns of behaviour so that they can achieve success and find meaning in their work and life.  

Debbie’s coaching style is drawn from a combination of training (Results Coaches) and her own life experiences and is defined by her curiosity about life and business. She has spent over 1000 hours coaching people over the last 13 years.  Debbie has been involved in the design and facilitation of 2 leadership development programmes and enjoys the long-term partnerships that have developed with her clients. She is also the mother of an incredible little boy.  

Debbie uses her understanding of Ontology, Mindfulness and Neuroscience to help teams and individuals develop a Growth Mindset which has become essential in facing the rapid pace of change in business. She uses the framework of the Enneagram to help individuals and teams understand why they show up the way they do. This understanding usually leads to insights about relationships, behaviour and improved business efficiency. Debbie challenges her clients to shift the way they see the world and she does this with a personal understanding of how difficult that can be. 

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