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We help family businesses resolve the critical issues of keeping the family

and the business successful and leave a legacy for future generations.

Family Legacies has established a number of strategic partnerships with firms who bring specific expertise to our offering. These are independent firms that form part of our network but who each have their own particular service offering and market positioning. 


VICTUS (meaning way of life) is a wealth management business. We provide investment and wealth planning services to high-net-worth individuals, family-owned and closely-held businesses, institutions and charitable trusts. Victus has since inception experienced steady growth and today manages global assets of close to R1-billion. Victus partners with the country’s most well-known investment specialists, enabling our Life Planners to offer comprehensive services like retirement planning, education plans, unit trusts, tax-free saving accounts, offshore investments, and the like.  


  • Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning 

  • Provident & Pension Funds 

  • Estate Planning & Administration 

  • Investment Planning (local & offshore investments) 

  • Tax Planning 

  • Group Medical Aid & Gap Cover Analysis 

  • Commercial & Specialist Insurance 

  • Car & Home Insurance 

  • Wealth Management 

  • Professional Indemnity Cover 

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Buy & Sell Insurance 

  • Key Man & Contingent Liability Insurance 

  • Overhead Expense Cover 

  • Loan Account Redemption 

  • Will & Trusts 

  • Trust Fiduciary Services  

hlb cma accounting.jpg

HLB CMA SOUTH AFRICA INCORPORATED, a second tier registered public accounting and auditing firm. The firm are members of HLB International, the 12th largest auditing and accounting network in the world and are also JSE Accredited Auditors, an accolade in which only 18 firms, including the big four auditing firms within South Africa share.  


  • Statutory Auditing 

  • Forensic Auditing 

  • Due Diligence Reviews 

  • Audit of Pension & Retirement Funds 

  • Accounting

  • Preparation of Financial Reports 

  • Cashflow Statements 

  • Maintenance & Evaluation of Accounting Records 

  • Estate Planning & Administration of Deceased Estates 

  • Administration of Clients Monthly Payroll 

  • Consulting and Business Structuring 

  • Cash Flow and Budgetary Planning 

  • Business Evaluations 

  • Corporate and Personal Taxation 

  • Taxation Planning & Administration 

  • Company Secretarial Services 

  • Company Formations 

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