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Updated: Apr 28, 2021

While it is helpful to understand the conditions that lead to healthy and unhealthy family businesses, most family businesses cannot be classified either as completely healthy or unhealthy; each has certain strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, the uniqueness of family businesses is best understood by examining their strengths and weaknesses, often different sides of the same coin.

The dimensions of a family business and the strengths and weaknesses associated with them are found in the table below.


Family Legacies is a multidisciplinary family business consulting company. Our consultants are leaders in their respective fields including; Family Business Consulting, Strategic Planning, Financial Planning, Wealth & Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Business Transitions & Exit Planning - Buy, Improve, Grow & Sell Businesses, Commercial & Family Law, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development & Facilitation, providing our clients with a professional and integrated multi-disciplinary service.




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