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Sally is a sought after ICF PCC Accredited executive leadership coach, facilitator & trainer, who has over 10,000 hours of leadership & executive coaching practice and 10 years’ experience working with a broad global clientele base, both virtually and in person.


She design's leadership development roadmaps and interventions that align with the company’s culture and the individuals and/or teams unique leadership potential. In doing so, assisting positive and sustainable creative change.  Promoting re-humanizing leadership as key for success in todays VUCA world.  Part of this process involves assisting leaders to successfully navigate all the external disruptions in today's unpredictable world, whilst also encouraging them to do the internal self-work necessary to sustain, anchor & grow as tomorrows leaders.  She focus’ on your unique path, enhancing and aligning your authentic leadership footprint for maximum impact, whilst reducing false starts and some of the frustrations, allowing you and those around you to create positive change and shifts.  She is passionate and committed and offers an energetic engagement that includes enterprise visionary thinking and inspirational problem solving. 


Positive and sustainable leadership development training is a passion of hers, ensuring that the individuals she partners depart with knowledge and practical tools to assist them in their unique growth as leaders.  Her leadership interventions focus both on the business and personal space, marrying company strategy, ethics, diversity and values in line with the leadership teams and individuals of the organization. Her key strengths as a coach are: authenticity, unique, challenger, initiative, fluid, accountable, success driven and humour.

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