After a 30-year career with his 110-year old family business, he developed the passion to help family businesses resolve the critical issues of keeping the family and the business successful and leave a legacy for future generations.  


When Trevor transitioned in his family business from CEO to Chairman, it afforded him the opportunity to develop his passion and to impart the family's institutional memory and knowledge of leading a family owned business to other family businesses. Trevor's first-hand experience in the Dickinson family business and life-long learning has gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into the many challenges associated with leading a family business.   


Trevor has vast international business and family business experience and his fields of expertise includes; family & business strategic planning, corporate governance, succession planning, conflict resolution & mediation, coaching & mentoring, international business & business in Africa, joint ventures & alliances, and is well versed in the fields of experience of Family Legacies partners' range of services.